Skills and Tools

In general, I only run Free Software unless otherwise required e.g. workplace. It is often called Open Source instead. Apart from that, anything modular, portable, federated, local, and/or simple speaks to me.

Programming Languages

Python is my main tool. I tend to favor the functional paradigm unless contraindicated. I like PEP8, docstrings, etc. I only like "notebooks" for educational purposes.

For packages, I use NumPy, pandas, seaborn, matplotlib, PyTorch, scikit-learn, MNE, Django, and PyGTK.

I've done some numerical computation in a proprietary language compatible with GNU Octave.

I also like to write POSIX Shell.

I use very few lines of JavaScript for web development.

Text Editor

I spend most of my day inside vim (well, neovim), as it is my editor and pseudo-IDE. It's become a lifestyle such my entire system works with vim keybindings.

Operative System

I run GNU/Linux variants exclusively, mostly based on Gentoo and Arch.

In there, I only use terminal applications, which allows me to seamlessly connect and mount servers and computing clusters. Most of my general computing is therefore done with UNIX-like coreutils, pipes, and regex.

I'm also used to Debian-based and CentOS machines.

Typesetting and Presentations

Notes go on simple Markdown. For more serious documents, LaTeX. I prefer local edits and compilation, plus version control over git, but I also tolerate online editors such as Overleaf. I can regretfully open LibreOffice Writer if required.

I like the idea of groff/troff, but then it's hard to share the source because of the low user base.

If text has to go on a slide: sent > beamer (LaTeX) > LibreOffice Impress.

Version Control

I use git. I'm also used to old diff and patch.


For raster images, GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP).

For vector images, Inkscape.

For video editing and 3D modeling, Blender.

I have limited experience with the Godot game engine.


I'm a healthcare professional by training. I have experience in pharmaceutical advice to patients, dealing with doctors and prescriptions, sales, and some management. Also, I can defend myself in matters of clinical trials, particularly with FDA regulations.

I'm also a certified coach. I was the youngest graduate of my school.

Finally, I'm a certified personal trainer.