Skills and tools

Statistical plots by Seaborn

Table of Contents

I like FLOSS and anything modular, portable, federated, local, and/or simple speaks to me.

Machine learning (Python)

scikit-learn: machine learning (Python)

PyTorch: deep learning and optimization


  • Advanced Course in Machine Learning, 5 credits, MSc Data Science, University of Helsinki.
  • Deep Learning, 5 credits, MSc Data Science, University of Helsinki.

Data analysis and visualization (Python)

pandas: data manipulation

NumPy: scientific computing

seaborn: statistical data visualization

MNE: EEG data analysis

matplotlib: visualization


  • Interactive Data Visualization, 5 credits, MSc Data Science, University of Helsinki.

Other Python

I like PEP8, docstrings, etc. I only like “notebooks” for educational purposes.

Typesetting and Presentations

$\LaTeX$: all other documents

nvim: the best text editor and lifestyle

markdown: for simple notes

Pandoc: converting document formats

LibreOffice: for dealing with bad formats when not even pandoc can help

Operative systems (GNU+Linux)

Gentoo, Parabola, Artix, Arch: desktop daily drivers

Debian: server

Alpine: containers

I use terminal applications in a simple window manager almost exclusively. I also like OpenRC because PID 1 should be simple and secure.


GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP): raster image editing

Inkscape: vector image editing

Blender: video editing and animation 3D modeling

Imagemagick: terminal/batch editing

Godot: game engine

Darktable: frequent photo editing tasks


Django: backend (Python)

Flutter: frontend, multi-platform (Dart)

GraphQL: query language

SQL: mainly with PostgreSQL and Django

HTML and CSS: less is more

Hugo: static site generator (powers this site!)

System tools and programming

POSIX Shell + coreutils, pipes, regex, etc: regular computer use and simple scripting

Go: beyond simple scripting

git: version control

Ansible: provisioning and automation

Docker: containerization


  • Computing Tools for CS Studies, 1 credit, BSc Computer Science, University of Helsinki.