The person

Welcome to my digital home!

I'm Carlos and I'm originally from Spain, but I have also lived/worked/studied in the US (Chicago) and the UK (London and Cardiff). I'm now in Finland (Helsinki), the winter wonderland with the best summers in the world.

I'm best described as creative, energetic, strong-willed, altruistic, and inspiring. At work, you'll find me near a whiteboard, a stack of papers, and a computer. At home, you'll find me near a piano and a pile of books. I believe there is nothing more human than creating, so I spend all my time making, learning, or helping, which are all sides of the same (multidimensional?) coin.

The site

Made with Django. Made with Bulma

I built this site from scratch to learn technologies that are also useful for other projects. Most things are automated from a database, especially the publications and project content. If you're looking to build your own digital land (everyone should be an internet landlord!), use something simpler. Otherwise, there is very limited bloat here: no cookies, no trackers, etc.

  • Operative system: Debian GNU+Linux
  • Web server: NGINX
  • Web framework: Django
  • WSGI: Gunicorn
  • CSS framework: Bulma