Carlos de la Torre
doctoral student bridging
AI and Neuroscience

Hey, I'm Carlos! MS (BS) PgCert BS

I spend my time bridging Artificial intelligence and Neuroscience, currently developing novel approaches in Brain-Computer Interfacing. My vision is having computing systems augmenting our cognitive abilities and supporting our well-being, naturally integrating with our cognition. I found home at the Cognitive Computing group led by Academy Research Fellow Tuukka Ruotsalo at the University of Helsinki.

I occasionally collaborate on topics of Cognitive Modeling with the User Interfaces Group led by Prof. Antti Oulasvirta at Aalto University.

I used to spend my days slicing brains and herding cells before transitioning to full-time silicon, as I started my research in Neurobiology and Neuropharmacology.

Research interests

My research focuses on the following questions:
  • 📈 How can we use medical data or physiological recordings in user-centered machine learning methods?

  • 🤖 Can such data inform us to enhance or design novel machine learning algorithms?

  • 🧠 What are the similarities between human cognition and machine learning models?

I use electroencephalography (EEG) recordings to implicitly control generative models' (generative adversarial neural networks or GANs) output visual features to match the user's intentions (e.g. I think of a blond person, the GAN generates a blond person).

Applications include implicit multimodal visual feature generation (e.g. can I generate a person that is blond and smiling only from EEG? UIST'20), crowdsourcing, and design (e.g. can a crowd implicitly generate a design that combines their aggregate preferences from their brain signals? CSCW'21, under review).

I am also interested in cognitive modeling, where I have contributed to intelligent tutoring systems, combining a cognitive model of memory (infer how the user learns and forgets) and model-based planning (when to review or show a new item) IUI'21. I have also contributed to open science by replicating a connectionist model of memory, leading to the correction of the original manuscript (ReScience C).

Selected publications


Fadi Atallah, mentee (now MSc Composites student at Imperial College London)

Konstantinos Kousouris, mentee (now Co-founder at Kleio)


In my free time you'll find me:

  • 🔧 Tweaking Gentoo and Arch GNU/Linux.

  • 🎨 Learning about science, art, and design.

  • 🏋️ Training strength and flexibility.

  • 📖 Reading philosophy and technical books.

  • 🎵 Playing piano and enjoying music.

Hero image: "Active dry acticap gel free system EEG cap 32 channel" by Rain Rabbit is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0